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Arian Sports Ltd is a family-owned business specializing in the manufacture of leather and textile gloves for all sports. Arian provides outsourced manufacturing solutions for several eminent apparel brands around the world.

At Arian, we strongly believe the that traditional roles of 'suppliers' or 'vendors' are evolving every day due to the technological advancements that are making geographical distances insignificant. The 'suppliers' must transform themselves into 'partners' and play an active role in all the departments of their clients not just their supply chains. Our mission statement revolves around this vision which is 'to provide smart outsourcing' and has led to Arian being one of the fastest-growing companies in its field.

Arian Sports (Pvt) Ltd, est. 1982, employs directly about 250 employees at its factory, producing around 300,000 pairs of motorcycle gloves per year, making it one of the biggest factories of such products in the region.