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About The Company



Original Equipment Manufacturing

  • Select from our range of products
  • Limited customization
  • Development requires less time ~ 1-4 weeks
  • Molds and tooling are paid by us


Original Design Manufacturing

  • Share your own designs to develop
  • Fully customized product according to customers' specifications
  • Development requires more time ~ 4-12 weeks
  • Molds and tooling are paid by the customer


A fully dedicated team of designers able to hand Computer-Aided Designing to add to our portofolio of products every year.


All prototypes are tested for safety, reliability and especially the parameters specificed under the corresponding CE EN 13594-2015


A team of R&D engineers are always monitoring our existing products to identify gaps for improvement.




We have an endless range of fabrics each with unique characteristics. For instance, waterproofing, stretchability etc.


We source a range of leathers from cowhide, goatskin, kangaroo etc. All our leathers are safe from Chromium VI compounds.

Ethical Supply Chain

We have a streamlined supply chain narrowed down to few yet long-term supply partners ensuring fairness of operations.


Laser Cutting

State-of-the-art laser cutting machine installed at our facility allows us to cut materials with accuracy and precision up to 0.01 millimeters.

Production Line

5 fully operational production lines with consistent daily output, allowing us cost cutting, standard quality and planned deliveries.


A semi-automated warehouse to allow for efficient picking, packing and shipping of the goods to the customer with an intact traceability system of the final product to its raw material.


Quality Control

With a rigorous system integrated into our manufacturing, we ensure all products meet the customer's expectation

Quality Assurance

Evolution through feedback. To ensure the necessary preventive action to improve quality.

Quality Audits

Be it our own, our customers' or an independent inspection team, we seek transparency in quality reports.