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About The Company



Start of Business

We started off as a small crafts shop producing handmade protection gear for the motorcyclists.


First Factory

After gaining international recognition for our merchandise and service, we expanded our crafts shop into a small factory.



As demand for our goods started to grow signifanctly larger, it was time to tackle the capacity constraints. That is where we added another floor to our facility to increase capacity.


Gloves' Specialization

This was one of the most crucial strategic decisions of devoting most of our resources to the gloves' sector, as sales of this product was sky-rocketing.


New Facility

With only thing on our mind, we moved to a new facility designed and equipped solely for the purpose of gloves' production. 


Modular Production

With growing competition, it was need of the time to ditch the 'one worker, entire glove' system of production and make use of division of labour to break down complex tasks into simpler ones, in order to increase productivity. Looking back, this was the stepping stone to achieve the lean system of production that we employ today.



After working with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) appointed acclaimed global consultants and industrial engineers of our own, we layed down the lean mechanism.